9 Reasons Your Youtube channel is banned

9 Reasons Your Youtube channel is banned
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9 Reasons Your Youtube Channel is Banned


Copyrighted Content


This is number one and most definite reason your channel is banned .you probably used audiovisual content from a copyrighted channel or source.Many new beginners go ahead and get music and sometimes even video content from movie etc and add to their channel and start complaining after the ban.

Community Strike


Comunity strike is next most scary reason of channel suspension. It can be very dangerous for those who have news or review kind of channels.This idea contains a very long list.

Restricted content

Channels with adult or half nudity also get sometimes banned by youtube team for distributing restricted content.While I have seen most vulgar videos in youtube trending mostly but even then these channels mostly don’t survive.These kind of content can not be monetized.

Bulk Upload


Well yeah
This is what happen when you make videos for a month and upload them on month end.Yes, uploading videos in bulk is an option in youtube but they don’t like channels uploading videos in bulk.Hence it is good to avoid bulk upload

Tag Spam


Most youtube gurus tell you that add tags as much as you can.But I always say add few but targeted tags.Use your keywords in title and description.

Channel Name Change


Channel name are important it shows your niche and topic same as your website/blog name says about your topic.But as we don’t change our domain name every day in same way don’t change channel name.Better chose one name and stick with it.Changing name can lead to channel suspension.

False Thumbnail


Eh, what?
I can’t add thumbnail? Well you can but adding content which doesn’t relate to your video can lead to channel suspension.

Comment Spam


This is most widely used youtube ranking and traffic tactic used in 2016.But now it doesn’t work and even leads to suspension if you comment your video links on youtube comments.

Mass Report


Reports are always evil not only youtube but everywhere.If your video or Channel get bunch of reports, your channel might get suspended.

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