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5 Privacy Browser with inbuild VPN

Epic Browser

Epic Privacy browser is built on chromium (like google chrome ) and have few cool feature like Inbuild VPN , donot track, cookie  protection etc to protect you from tracking and data collecting companies

Globus Browser

Another browser Claims to be being privacy browser with similar feature like Epic Browser .But I was unable to find any official website or any such info .I was only able to get some download links .

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Opera is a big software company mainly making internet browser recently (not very recently ) announced that they are adding vpn in their Browser.

As they are big corporate company many find it uncomfortable and less trustworthy in term of privacy but I thing they are cool to browse via VPN for free.

Tor Browser

Tor browser is not only a privacy browser with vpn but it also have special configuration which allow access to deep web(.onion sites) .

Used by whistleblowers ,reporters and  few bad people too.


Tenta seems to be only mobile browser with vpn inbuild .

They also offer privacy and security similar to epic browser .

If you are mobile user then you should give it a try.

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