How To Choose Best CPA Offer

How To Choose Best CPA Offer
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how to choose best cpa offer?

Being a cpa marketer and owner of a cpa Forum . I have been asked this question many time . Most newbies and even few experienced cpa marketers do struggle on this .Many affiliate gurus said go for high paying offers but I say no . Wait let me explain why

Offers with higher payout rate often convert poorly (most of them need purchase or membership)

Now let’s talk about how we can chose a best cpa offer to promote.

  1. Choose type of conversion you want.


CPA stands for cost per action and it includes many type of actions.

In CPA there are few types of actions included .

  1. Installation (CPI)
  2. Email/pin submission
  3. Calling (Pay Per Call)
  4. purchase/sale (PPS)


Let’s choose our vertical


Your vertical can be anything

  • Dating / Adult Dating
  • e-Commerce
  • Health / Beauty
  • Gaming
  • Vouchers and sweepstakes
  • Gambling / Casinos
  • Education
  • and much more.

You selected your vertical ?

Now time for traffic source


Make sure your traffic source match your offer.

*you can not promote anti aging cream of adult sites as 90% of users are men.

Few Mobile POP traffic source I like




Traffic Junkie

We selected our traffic source

Now jump over Geo and  .

Before firing your campaign you must know whom to target . You can not sell a UK offer to french and American users.

Country Geo-Redirect & State Geo-Redirect Code Useful For CPA

Budget is a factor in CPA marketing


You must understand your advertising budget before even starting your campaign .

Always use 10 x CPA payout = your budget (for testing)

All done?

Great we are ready with our offer now here comes the most important thing. Analyse your conversion check which traffic source with which banner on what landing page is giving you best conversion .

Always remove your not performing offers/campaigns

Hope you like it and found it helpful

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